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Are you looking for Winter Tyres for your vehicle?


Several countries around the world have made it a mandate that car owners need to alter their tyres during the winter season and fit winter tyres. This move is primarily aimed at reducing the number of accidents during this season. Although it’s not a mandate in the UK, we recommend you to switch to winter tyres Leeds, Rawdon, Westfield, and Guiseley for your vehicle’s optimum performance and your safety.

For that, Silver Lane Garage (Leeds) Ltd. is your one-stop solution as we sell an impressive range of winter tyres at our facility.


What are winter tyres?

Car owners often confuse winter tyres with ice or snow tyres, but the former does not have any metal studs attached to it. Instead, these tyres are purpose-built to tackle low temperature and slippery roads.

Winter tyres Yeadon, Leeds have a high natural rubber content that provides them with a softer structure. Their purpose-built compound allows them to offer enhanced traction and flexibility when the temperature plummets below 7-degree Celsius. Also, these tyres provide superior aquaplaning resistance and thus are useful during the rainy season as well.

3 unique qualities of winter tyres

  • Tread pattern
  • Compared to other tyres, winter tyres have more grooves, and sipes cut into them. These help winter tyres to easily displace water and provide excellent traction on snow and icy roads. Their tread pattern is also a reason why they perform well during monsoons as well.

  • Material
  • Winter tyres comprise a specially developed compound that has more silica in it. Thus, it stays soft and supple even in a freezing weather. As a result, winter car tyres Leeds do not loose grip on winter roads and offer excellent stability and control. Whereas, other tyres may become hard in cold temperatures and loose traction.

  • Removing snow
  • Lastly, winter tyres Leeds have a design that is tailor-made to shake off snow from the tyres. It constantly vibrates on the move to prevent snow build-up.

Once you buy winter car tyres Leeds from us, our experts will also guide you on how to store these units properly during summers.

If you are looking online for ‘tyres near me’, visit Silver Lane Garage (Leeds) Ltd. to choose from an extensive collection of tyres. Our inventory includes products from leading manufacturers like Michelin, Dunlop, Continental, Pirelli etc.

Buy online, call us or visit our garage to make your purchase. Should you need any help, our experts will also assist you in choosing an ideal set of winter tyres, based on your car’s model and make.

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