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Are you looking for Wheel Refurbishment  for your vehicle?

Wheel Refurbishment

Professional services of wheel refurbishment Leeds can remove imperfections and signs of damage from your car wheels.

And for this purpose, Silver Lane Garage (Leeds) Ltd. is a popular name in and around Leeds. Our wheel refurbishment services include multiple processes that effectively remove dents, scuffs, kerb scratches and discolouration from your vehicle’s alloy wheels.

Further, our skilled technicians use only the latest tools and equipment to conduct the refurbishment process as per OEM guidelines. With our efficient services, your car wheels will be as good as new, and you can enjoy the continued smooth performance of your automobile.

Why opt for wheel refurbishment?

Alloy wheels, although advantageous over traditional steel wheels, are prone to specific types of damages such as:

  • Dents
  • Scuffs
  • Major and minor scratches
  • Kerb damage
  • Discolouration
  • Cracks
  • Rusted bead seats
  • Wrinkled cask
  • Broken wheel projection
  • Wrecked wheel rim, etc.

Despite the nature of wheel damage, an authorised service station can provide excellent rim repairs Leeds. This will also keep you from the hassle of replacing your vehicle’s alloy wheels.

At Silver Lane Garage (Leeds) Ltd., our technicians follow OEM specifications while refurbishing your car wheels, and we can also give them a brand new look based on your choice of colour and shade.

Wheel refurbishment services that we offer

While searching for wheel refurbishment Yeadon, Leeds, make sure the facility covers a range of services that meet all your requirements.

At Silver Lane Garage(Leeds) Ltd., you can expect the following exceptional refurbishment processes conducted by our industry experts:

  • Powder coating:
  • In case the damage to the alloy wheel is severe, a combination of powder coating and wet spray can restore the whole wheel to its original finish. However, you also have the liberty to change the wheel’s colour.

The wheels are first gently blasted to remove the previous layers of lacquer. This ensures a smooth surface to prepare the new coating. On the other, chemical stripping is used prior to blasting if the wheel is in poor condition.

Although such processes sound complicated, our experts can accomplish alloy wheel repairs Leeds without any hassle.

  • Cosmetic repairs:
  • Our technicians conduct cosmetic repairs or SMART repairs in case the damage is limited to a small section of the wheel. Rest assured that the repair is colour matched into the existing finish.

  • Diamond cut:
  • An upgrade to the process of powder coating, this technique includes a diamond cut lathe to remove a micro-section from your car’s alloy wheels. This ensures that the wheels get a classic diamond-cut

Apart from the wheel refurbishment services mentioned above, we also employ other advanced processes such as 200-degree cunning.

Our services can, therefore, take care of all the damage caused to your car wheels in no time. Moreover, professional wheel refurbishment enhances your vehicle’s resale value as well.

Therefore, put an end to your search for “wheel refurbishment near me”, and turn to us for expert services.

Call us on 0113 250 4955 to book a service. Otherwise, you can also come down to our garage at your convenience.

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