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Vehicle Remapping

More power - less consumption!

That is our promise - Silver Lane Garage.

Vehicle remapping Leeds, Rawdon, Westfield, and Guiseleyfor every vehicle - from the smallest car to the truck.

More power - less consumption - more driving fun

Do you want more performance, more driving pleasure, more safety?

Do you want to use less fuel, protect the environment and save money when filling up?

Fall in love with your vehicle again! No matter whether you own an Audi, BMW, Ford, Opel, Skoda, Volvo or VW - we program the optimum performance for every petrol or diesel-powered vehicle individually by hand.

What is ECU Remapping?

Long gone are the days when engines were controlled mechanically, hydraulically or pneumatically and cable pulls were still in use. Today, the control technology of the machine code, the standard built-in control units (Electronic Control Unit, or ECU for short), influences the running of the engine.

The characteristic map in the engine control software essentially shapes the engine's characteristics, whether it is a diesel, petrol or gas-powered combustion engine with or without turbo or compressor.

Different software settings through map optimisation in the ECU are used. The tuning software (chip tuning) can thus be adapted to the customer's wishes.

The characteristic maps of the ECU software are optimally adjusted so that the engine delivers its full performance potential without the need to install any additional component (chip tuning box). The more efficient operation of the engine also reduces fuel consumption and optimises the engine characteristics.

The information controlling the engine management system is stored on the electronic control units (ECUs) installed in the vehicle and is retrieved from there according to the driving cycle.

In the late 1980s and early 1990s, electronic engine tuning was still carried out by replacing the installed control chips, including soldering and unsoldering the electronic components.

This is where the name Chip-Tuning comes from.

In the mid-1990s, car manufacturers introduced on-board diagnostics (OBD) with built-in sockets. From then on, electronic engine tuning was possible simply by plugging into the OBD socket.

The files could be read and programmed easily with the appropriate readers, so-called software flashes.


Today's control units often have to be programmed by boot mode, i.e. by connecting the readers directly to the control unit.

This has little to do with the chip tuning of the early days, but the technical term chip tuning is on everyone's lips. The process should actually be called map optimisation, but the word chip tuning has become a fixed term.

We hardly ever find an optimal adjustment of the manufacturers with the industrially produced standard software. The costs would be far too high to tune each individual engine to its optimal performance.

Often the values lie far outside the optimum, which results in a very unfavourable engine running and increased fuel consumption.

Silver Lane Garage Vehicle Remapping Yeadon, Leeds completely eliminate these "grievances "through map optimisation.

In addition, performance-limiting factors such as acceleration damping, torque and power limitations can be improved with chip tuning through map optimisation.

Manufacturers use these for performance variety and model upgrading, which hinder the engine in its performance development.

Above all, they disturb the sporty, ambitious driver and put a stop to the fun factor.

These limiters can also be modified to reduce the power and speed of rental or courier vehicles.

They can only be influenced in the software of the original control unit and not from outside (like tuning boxes).


  • Optimise fuel consumption and reduce it at the same time
  • Emission values improve
  • Increase engine power and longer engine life
  • Maintaining protective functions

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