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Tyres play a pivotal role in determining the performance, driving comfort, and handling of a car. If you are planning to buy car tyres Leeds, we recommend you first understand the importance of the tyre size. Also, Silver Lane Garage (Leeds) Ltd. is exactly where you will get the perfect set of tyres for your vehicle.


Choosing the correct tyre size is important

While designing and manufacturing a car, engineers work closely with tyre manufacturers to determine the perfect tyre size for that vehicle and tune the suspension accordingly. Now, if you do not opt for accurately sized car tyres Leeds during a replacement, it will affect your car’s performance.

For instance, if you opt for a wider tyre, it may offer you enhanced traction. But, it will increase the rolling resistance as well, resulting in poor handling and more fuel consumption. Also, if you select a tyre with a bigger diameter compared to the original one, it will affect your car’s centre of gravity and compromise its cornering ability.

Therefore, it is crucial for you to buy car tyres Leeds as per the manufacturer’s recommended size in the user manual.

Regardless, you will find a wide selection of quality tyres at Silver Lane Garage (Leeds) Ltd., suitable for any car.

Do you find it difficult to decode the information written on the side of a tyre? Read on.

Tyre Size - Decoding the information on the side of a tyre

Let’s take an example first. Suppose your car tyre has the following information inscribed on its side – 180/50R16 87T.

Now, what does this mean?

At first, the three-digit number that you see on the extreme left stands for its width. It means this particular tyre is 180mm wide. When you buy car tyres Leeds, ensure that you are selecting one with the right width.

The next section represents the aspect ratio or profile of this particular tyre. Aspect ratio signifies the proportion between a tyre’s sidewall and its sectional width. In this case, the height of this tyre is 50% of its width (180mm).

Next, ‘R’ signifies the construction type of this tyre, which is radial ply. Car tyres nowadays are primarily radial. So, if you are purchasing new car tyres Leeds, look for this symbol.

The next section, i.e. 16, stands for rim size. It is the diameter of the wheel rim represented in inches. You will find ideal tyres Leeds at our facility that will perfectly fit your car wheels.

‘87’ here represents the load index of this tyre. This code refers to the maximum load that this tyre can carry. You can find a load index chart on any tyre manufacturer’s website.

The last section denotes the speed rating. Like the load index chart, you find it on the website of any manufacturer.

We always encourage our clients to know more about their cars besides offering a superior range of products and services. Hence, you can rely on us without any second thought.

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