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Tyres sold in the European Union undergo a mandatory labelling process, which marks them suitable for usage. This EU tyre label offers in-depth information about a tyre’s capabilities based on 3 criteria - fuel efficiency, wet grip, and noise level.

If you are planning to purchase a new set of car tyres Leeds, do not forget to check this label for more information. Being aware of this information will help you to make informed decisions.

At Silver Lane Garage (Leeds) Ltd., we stock an exhaustive collection of tyres, all thoroughly inspected and properly labelled.

Three parameters of EU tyre labelling

  • Fuel efficiency
  • The EU tyre label has energy efficiency ratings from A being the most efficient to G being the least. This rating is given to tyres based on their rolling resistance. A tyre with low rolling resistance offers improved fuel economy.

  • Wet grip
  • This parameter certifies a tyre’s capacity to stop on wet surfaces. Similar to the fuel efficiency rating, this one also has a rating from A to G. Here, A represents the shortest braking distance, while G denotes the longest.

    Typically, this rating assumes a speed of 80km/h while testing a tyre’s capabilities. While braking at this speed, A-rated tyres register a breaking distance much smaller than that of G-rated.

    If you are purchasing tyres Leeds, do not forget to check their wet grip rating.

  • Noise Level
  • Noise level indicates the external rolling noise produced by tyres, which is measured in decibels. The lowest noise level ranges between 67-71 decibels, and the highest is between 72-76 decibels.

    Car tyres Leeds usually have three sound bars on their label, representing their noise level. While one sound wave denotes the lowest noise level, three sound waves correspond to the maximum. You should not confuse this with the cavity noise, which originates from the rim of the car.

New regulations

From 1st May 2021, EU is enforcing a new provision for labelling tyres.

Along with the three parameters mentioned above, there will be another label for grip on icy surfaces. 

Also, tyres will no longer have F and G classes for wet grip. This labelling will now have only five stages from A to E. New energy symbols will suggest better efficiency for both electric and internal combustion engine cars. Lastly, there are no changes to the tyre noise gradation.

Tyres used in severe snowy conditions will now have ‘alpine’ or ‘3 peaks and snow’ symbol on their sidewall for reference. Also, Nordic winter tyres for iced surfaced will now feature a new symbol that denotes an ice stalagmite.

EU tyre labelling helps you to understand the true capability of a tyre and enforces a standardisation for products. It also eliminates any malpractice by manufacturers and ensures your safety. Therefore, while purchasing car tyres Leeds, we encourage our clients to check this label.

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