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Are you looking for Suspension for your vehicle?


Your car’s suspension system must function optimally to ensure a safe and comfortable driving experience. Any fault with the crucial suspension components like struts, shocks and linkages can compromise your vehicle’s safety and also cause MOT fails.

Therefore, we recommend you opt for a thorough servicing of your car’s suspension system.

If you are searching for a trustworthy service station offering efficient checks of car suspension system Leeds, your search ends today with Silver Lane Garage (Leeds) Ltd. But before you seek our services, we advise you to be vigilant and look out for the signs of a faulty suspension system.

Common indicators of a damaged suspension system

If you come across any of the issues as discussed below, reach our garage for suspension repair Leeds, Rawdon, Westfield, and Guiseley without any further delay.

  • The car drifts to a side
  • If you notice that your car veers to a side as soon as your hands are off the steering wheel, it indicates a faulty suspension system, possibly due to worn-out shocks, control arms or springs. Under such circumstances, consider reaching a professional garage for shock absorber replacement.

  • Bumpy rides
  • Another indicator of worn-out shock absorbers Leeds, Rawdon, Westfield, and Guiseley is increasingly uncomfortable and bumpy rides. Moreover, the driver is likely to lose control of the vehicle in such situations.

    At Silver Lane Garage (Leeds) Ltd., we provide efficient servicing of car suspension system Leeds as well as replace the shocks if need be.

  • Unusual tread wear
  • Uneven tyre treads also indicate a damaged suspension system. Such accelerated tyre wear usually occurs when a faulty suspension puts unequal pressure on the car tyres.

  • Odd vibrations
  • Further, damage to the car suspension system can cause the entire car frame to vibrate unusually. You are also likely to face issues while handling the steering wheel that often doesn’t restore to its original position after taking a turn.

  • Greasy shock absorbers
  • If the shock absorbers or struts appear greasy, they are possibly leaking fluid. This means that the shocks are not functioning properly anymore and must be replaced at the earliest.

    No matter how advanced your vehicle is, frequent driving and challenging road conditions are bound to affect its suspension system. However, routine servicing and pre-emptive repairs and replacements can keep issues at bay.

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