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Are you looking for Summer Check for your vehicle?


A thorough car summer check Leeds ensures that your vehicle continues to run optimally during the warmer part of the year, thereby keeping you from unexpected vehicle breakdowns or expensive repairs. Although summers in the UK are usually pleasant, extremes of temperatures and certain other factors can affect your vehicle’s performance.

Hence, it is ideal to opt for professional summer car service Leeds from an authorised garage.

Silver Lane Garage (Leeds) Ltd. is renowned for its comprehensive summer car services that cover all essential checks. Whether you drive a passenger sedan or an SUV, you can rely on us for comprehensive summer checks.

What can you expect from our vehicle services Leeds?

At Silver Lane Garage (Leeds) Ltd., we understand that proper seasonal servicing is the key to your vehicle’s top handling performance and also keeps your car roadworthy and safe as per the Road Traffic Act 1988.

Hence, our experts pay close attention while diagnosing your car for faults so that you do not have to worry about any surprise vehicle breakdowns. Take a look at the checks included in our car summer check Leeds, Rawdon, Westfield, and Guiseley.

  • Battery - You probably know that flat car batteries are a common occurrence in winters. However, it is also a prevalent issue during summers. A dead car battery is extremely inconvenient and can leave you stranded in the middle of the road. The technicians at Silver Lane Garage (Leeds) Ltd. will check your car batteries efficiently and replace them if need be.
  • Tyres - Our experts will check your vehicle’s tyres thoroughly for signs of damage and provide accurate puncture repairs as per the British standards. Further, we will verify that the tyres have the minimum legal tread depth of 1.6mm.
    We recommend you switch to summer tyres as these are curtailed to provide enhanced traction and improved driving stability on dry and wet road conditions during summers.
  • Oil change - Prior to setting out for a long summer trip, it is ideal to change the oil with an appropriate grade. Also, the oil filter must be checked thoroughly and replaced if necessary.
  • Air conditioning system - A failing air-con system creates an unpleasant environment inside the vehicle for the driver and passengers. Moreover, it puts additional stress on the car engine and squeezes the life out of the batteries prematurely. In the scope of our car summer check Leeds, our experts will properly diagnose the air-con unit’s various components and provide prompt repairs.
  • Brakes - Even minor brake-related problems must be checked thoroughly. Once the brake pads have worn out, they must be replaced at the earliest.
  • Engine - At Silver Lane Garage (Leeds) Ltd., the technicians assess your vehicle’s engine to make sure that you do not face driving issues such as hard starts, stalling, rough idling, diminished power etc.

Apart from these, our experts can also conduct some additional checks in our summer car services, depending on your 4-wheeler’s condition.

Your search for the “best car repairing garage near me” ends today!

Regardless of the issues with your vehicle, Silver Lane Garage (Leeds) Ltd. has got your covered. Hence, call us to book a service.

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