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Are you looking for Mobile Remapping for your vehicle?

MOBILE Remapping

With our Mobile Vehicle Remapping service, you can unveil the best of your vehicle from the comfort of your home or at work. This means more power, more torque, rapid demand behaviour, dynamic acceleration and all this with significant fuel savings.

Many of our customers have been hesitating to get their vehicles remapped even though they knew about the many advantages as there was no facility close by.

We have received many requests from vehicle owners who would rather get the optimisation done at home or at another location of their choice.

So, we have decided to offer this specialised service to customers when:

  • The distance to our workshop is too great.
  • You have several vehicles (club, transport company, agriculture) to optimise.
  • Or you simply don't have the time to wait as you have other important things to do.

Whatever the reason, just leave it with us - Silver Lane Garage - your reliable partner!

Our performance optimisation is state of the art. This means even finer tuning than it was previously possible. This optimisation of the series management of your engine gives you a significant increase in performance of up to 35% with lower fuel consumption of approx. 0.4 - 1 litre per 62 miles.

All protective functions remain original; only the characteristic maps are optimised. If you do decide to have the tuning removed from your vehicle, the standard condition is restored.

  • The diagnostic capability in the workshop is not affected
  • No error messages due to incorrect software versions
  • A clean intervention without residues
  • Safe and effective
  • Can be used with a vast number of vehicle models
  • No installation of additional parts (such as a "power box")

Service on your doorstep -Mobile Remap Leeds - Silver Lane Garage

While you relax at home or productively pursue your work, we visit you and take care of your vehicle without any effort on your part.

Here on our website, we have put some more detailed and hopefully useful information about vehicle remapping together for you in a separate section. Please have a look.

We at Silver Lane Garage do not only carry out vehicle remapping professionally in our workshop but also through our Mobile Remap Yeadon, Leeds, Rawdon, Westfield, and Guiseley Service, which makes it as convenient as possible for our valued customers.

Since our specially converted Mobile Remap Leeds service vehicle is equipped with all the necessary professional technology, all optimisation and remapping options are available just as in our workshop.

You decide where the control unit optimisation takes place, and one of our experienced employees will carry out your order directly on site. After an agreed appointment, the time required for diagnostic and remapping is between 1 hour and 4 hours (depending on the vehicle brand/type).

For more specific information on our Mobile Remap services on your vehicle, for an estimate and to make a booking, please get in touch with us. Our friendly experts will always be happy to talk to you.

Our phone number is:

01132 504955

You can find us at:

Moorfield Rd Estate, Yeadon, Leeds LS19 7BN.

Area Covered: Rawdon, Westfield, and Guiseley

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