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Are you looking for Car Repair Service Leeds for your vehicle?


It is imperative to keep your vehicle’s servicing history updated to enjoy its continued smooth performance.

A professional car service Leeds, Rawdon, Westfield, and Guiseley includes replacing worn-out parts, fluid change or top-up, and a thorough check-up of every component, depending on the servicing package. A properly serviced car, besides offering enhanced performance, can also pass annual MOT checks without any hassle.

At Silver Lane Garage (Leeds) Ltd., we offer three lanes of car repair LeedsYeadon Rawdon, Westfield, and Guiseley namely, interim, full and major.

  • Interim service
  • You should ideally opt for an interim service after every 6,000 miles or 6 months, whichever is earlier. This service package is ideal for those car owners who use their vehicles for frequent short trips. We offer a total of 25 checks in this servicing package. The following is a tentative list of the checks conducted in our interim service –

    • General check of lights, external and internal.
    • Engine oil and filter change.
    • Anti-freeze and coolant top-up.
    • Visual check of brakes.
    • Windscreen wipers and washers, etc.
  • Full service
  • We recommend you opt for our full car repair service every 12,000 miles or 12 months, whichever is earlier. We offer 45 checks in this service, including those conducted in our interim service.

    Some of the checks in our full car service Leeds, Yeadon are:

    • Engine oil check and replacement.
    • Radiator and coolant check.
    • Air-filter change.
    • Brake fluid and power steering fluid change.
    • Wheels, tyres and tyre pressure check.
    • Steering and suspension check.
    • Thorough exhaust servicing, etc.
  • Major service
  • This is a comprehensive servicing package that you should opt for every 24,000 miles or 24 months, whichever comes earlier. At our facility, you can expect thorough servicing of your car in a major service, which includes the following crucial checks (total 72, including those in our full service):

    • Changing the spark plugs.
    • A thorough check of the air conditioning system.
    • Fuel-filter change.
    • Replacing worn-out shocks and wheel bearings.
    • Clutch servicing, etc.

    Besides these servicing packages, we also offer seasonal (summer/winter) checks to ensure that your vehicle performs optimally even in extreme temperatures.

Benefits of regular car service Leeds

  • Ensures your automobile’s safety
  • Increases your car’s resale value
  • Keeps you from expensive repairs
  • Helps your vehicle pass MOT checks without any hassle
  • Keeps your car compliant with the environmental standards

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