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Are you looking for Brake Repair for your vehicle?


The importance of an optimally functioning car braking system cannot be stressed enough. Besides reducing braking efficiency, a faulty or damaged brake also increases the risk of accidents. If you come across any sign of malfunctioning brakes, you need to visit our garage for brake repair Leeds Rawdon, Westfield and Guiseley.

Silver Lane Garage (Leeds) Ltd. can address any and all problems related to car brakes. Our team of experts possesses the necessary know-how to fix any problem with your vehicle’s brakes.

Common signs of worn-out brakes

  • Vibrations in the brake pedal
  • Damaged or worn-out discs are one of the causes of vibrations in the brake pedal. As brake discs cannot be repaired, they have to be replaced.

    Our workshop in Leeds stocks OE-grade equipment; so you don’t have to worry about our service quality.

  • Soft brake pedal
  • When you press the brake pedal, you will meet with some resistance. If there is none, it might indicate brake fluid leak. Driving under such circumstances can cause further damage to other car components. Hence, it is recommended to contact our garage for brake repair Yeadon, Leeds.

  • Unusual noise when braking
  • Grinding, squeaking, or squealing sounds while braking can indicate worn-out brake pads. Faults in other brake components can also cause such sounds. For instance, if the rotors are damaged, you may hear strange noises despite perfectly good brake pads. If you observe blue spots or a black ring across the rotor, it is time for a replacement.

    Whatever the case may be, consider availing brake pad replacement Leeds services as soon as possible.

  • Extreme brake response
  • If your car brakes are get fully engaged even when you press the pedal slightly, it can be due to contaminated brake fluid. 

  • Vehicle drifts to a side when braking
  • If your car veers to one side on applying the brakes, one of the brake callipers is possibly worn-out. Contaminated brake fluid can also be the cause, which will require replacement at the earliest.

Other than these, there are numerous other issues that reflect faulty brakes. Opt for our brake repair Leeds to avoid any further hassle.

If you are Googling “brake repairing service near me”, look no further than Silver Lane Garage (Leeds) Ltd. Our professional technicians will diagnose the issues with your car brakes and conduct a prompt replacement if need be.

Come down to our garage for Brake Pad Replacement Yeadon, Leeds and allow our experts to help you out.

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