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If you have to turn the ignition switch multiple times to start your car, you understand the frustration it can cause. The primary component responsible for such issues is the battery. A dying car battery can cause several problems, slow engine crank being one of them.

In such situations, you may requirecar batteries replacement Leeds. And for that, we, atSilver Lane Garage (Leeds) Ltd., are your one-stop solution.

Our technicians will check what’s wrong with your car battery and replace the same if necessary. We recommend our clients to be vigilant and look out for the warning signs of a malfunctioning battery. Should you come across any, turn to our expert team for efficient solutions.

Other than slow engine crank, there are other indicators of a dying battery.

Some of these are –

  • Pungent smell from the battery
  • If you perceive a rotten egg smell coming from the battery, it is time to have it replaced. A battery leak usually causes such smell, which must be addressed soon.

  • Auto electrics are not performing as they should
  • If the headlights are dimmer than usual or the air con is underperforming, it indicates that the car battery is low on charge.

    Even though recharging it may solve the problems, you might require a new car battery Leeds, Rawdon, Westfield, and Guiseley. if the existing battery has crossed 3 years of its service life.

  • Check engine light is on
  • A triggered check engine light can indicate several problems, a dying battery being one of them. You can test the battery yourself if you have the necessary tools. Or, to be on the safe side, allow our experts to diagnose the issue.

  • Backfiring engine
  • A dying battery causes fuel to accumulate in the cylinders. This can lead to engine backfires when the accumulated fuel burns.

    Do note that a backfiring engine can be caused by several issues other than a damaged battery. So, it is ideal to let our professionals take a look. If car batteries replacement Leeds is necessary, they will inform you of the same.

  • Pressing the accelerator to start the car
  • If your car starts only after you press the accelerator, the battery may be nearing its service life.

    We advise you to bring your vehicle to our auto garage to replace the damaged or malfunctioning car batteries Leeds.

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